Monday, November 5, 2012

From Sun Up To Sun Down

At my house, the Saturday before Halloween is always set aside for the barn's benefit horse show. We raise money for a good cause and have some silly fun at the same time. This year, besides the actual horse show, we held a silent auction, a raffle, pony rides, dog contests and sold food, all for this year's charity- Make A Wish. After everything was added up, we had earned a bit over $6500.00. That's enough to grant one child's wish, with some leftover.

And the police only had to come once.

Besides my normal secretary duties, I took pictures all day. I'm talking all day- from before the sun came up until  I ran out of light after sunset. Here's a time line progression of my favorite pictures through the day:
I was loving the morning light on that yellow tree!
Note to self:  Back-lighting works with horse pictures too.
 Then we hit the golden hour:
 Here's my favorite picture. It's not the best quality, since it was taken after the sun went down, with the huge arena lights glaring, but I literally love the subject matter.
I took 845 pictures that day and kept 441 of them. Photo tip of the day: To get pictures you're really happy with, take more than you think you'll ever need.

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  1. The pictures are great! The police had to come???