Friday, November 16, 2012

Airport In The Sky

While we were on Catalina Island, we took a bus tour in this super-cool retro bus.
It took us up into the interior of the island, where the land is wild and you can glimpse a buffalo here and there. (The buffalo were shipped over to be part of an Old West movie back in the 30's, and they stayed.) Seeing buffalo cause quite a stir on board the bus, with passengers rushing from one side of the bus to the other to get a good look. Bruce and I thought this was charming, having seen lots and lots and lots of buffalo in our travels.
The tour took us to the airport. which is up on the highest point of the island. Thus it's name: Airport in the Sky. Bruce made a point of becoming buddies with the air traffic controller.
There was a great cactus garden that was pleasingly photogenic.
After the bus tour it was time to get back on our speedy ship and head back to the mainland. It had been a fun day.

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  1. LOL at Bruce chatting up the air traffic controller!