Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Library For The Gipper

Here's another place we'd never been in California: the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. It's a beautiful Spanish hacienda-style building on top of a hill with a view. Pretty nice.
There's a larger than life statue to greet you at the door.
 And the Presidential Seal as you walk in the entry.
 One of the reasons Bruce really wanted to go was to get a close look at the former Air Force One on display.
I couldn't take pictures inside- security reasons, ya know.
 There was a display about the Berlin Wall. I took this picture for my kids, because we talk about Communism a lot at my house for some reason. This one's for you, guys!
 Chairman Mao- also for my kids.
 A more sober moment: a piece of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
 Then we turned a corner, and there was horse with no legs!!
 Of course, Bruce hopped on and went for a ride with Ronnie. (Shannon, you would not believe Ronald Regan's riding form- I swear he leans 3 feet to the right.)
 Outside, there was an actual piece of the Berlin Wall.
 Here's Bruce getting the Lay of the Land.
 Through the museum, there were Pres. Reagan's quotes printed on the wall. He was such a straight talking man who didn't put up with silly partisanship. Both Republicans and Democrats liked and admired him. He was a great leader. I wished several times that he could be our president again.

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  1. It looks like a very cool place and I agree with you about wishing he could be president again.