Monday, November 12, 2012

Camarillo Ranch House

Back in October, Bruce had to take a business trip to SoCal. When he asked if I wanted to tag along, I jumped at the chance! It being UEA weekend, we did not go into the Happiest Place on Earth, not wanting to be overrun by our fellow Utahans. So when Bruce's business was done, we went to some new places. As in, places in Southern California where we'd never been. There are such places. One of them is the Camarrillo Ranch House.

We are history buffs at our house, so we like places like these. If they happen to be photogenic, so much the better!
 The house was built in 1892 and was originally part of a 10,000 acre Mexican land grant. They grew lima beans here, of all things. No one likes lima beans.

Now the house is run by a private foundation. They were decorating for a wedding on the morning we were there.
The gardens were my favorite part. There wasn't much blooming, but it was a pretty place.

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  1. What a beautiful place! We like history places, too, but they usually have to be associated in some way with WWII....sigh.....or dead things.