Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can't Get Away From Good Old Zane Grey

Back to our weekend trip to California a few weeks ago- sorry, but it's almost done- when we took a day trip out to Catalina Island. I hear family stories that when I was little, my family took a sea plane out to the island. I don't remember that.  Bruce and I took a very fast boat.
We passed the Queen Mary on the way out of the harbor.
We landed in the inlet of Avalon. A small town is built up into the hillside, and there is a touristy walking street by the water, but the big attention getter is the Casino.
The Casino really used to be a casino, but now it's an auditorium on top and a movie theater down below.
We rented a golf cart, which all the locals drive, and drove up around the steep streets of the town. Bruce wanted to take some pictures- here he's running after the golf cart. Running. While taking pictures. I need to talk to him about that.
There is a nice view of the town from those high streets.
You might remember that when we were in Arizona, we saw a house that belonged to the western novel writer, Zane Grey. Turns out he had a house in Avalon too. Next Zane Grey house to visit: the one in Tahiti!
We shared a sandwich for lunch and were mobbed by the resident seagulls.
Catalina is famous for it's decorative clay tiles:
Tomorrow I'll show you what we did in the afternoon.

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  1. I remember the sea plane and the casino. I have some pictures of that day somewhere. :)