Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mystery People & Sheep

On Sunday, it was time to go home. We found a ward in Henderson and went to their Sacrament Meeting before we left town. I really do like going to wards where we are perfect strangers. You can just watch the lightbulbs go off in people's heads. "Well, who are you? Have you moved into our ward? Are you visiting?" In some wards they will talk to you, in others, they don't. I try to time it so that we're not there early enough to sit awkwardly, waiting for the meeting to start. That makes us Mystery People. The Primary sang at the meeting, and that is always a hit with me!

We took another back road on the way home- surprise! This road took us out by Lake Mead and through the wilderness east of Las Vegas. Lo and behold: we saw sheep! Sheep with big horns! It was pretty cool.
Funny to come upon these wild animals within an hour's drive of the big city.

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