Monday, February 6, 2012

The Good And The Bad

There are some things I really like about Las Vegas, and some things I really don't.

I think all of the lights are fun. I think all of the tourists are in a good mood. I like the creative architecture and themed resorts.

I don't like the smutty side of Vegas- the flyers being passed out, the drunks, the cigarette and cigar smoke, the girls who think they look good in those short, tight dresses and high heels.

But, my philosophy: appreciate the good, avoid the bad, and be grateful that I know the difference.

After the psychedelic Love show, we walked down the Strip one whole block then back up the other side. Caesar's Palace is always cool with it's fountains and Angel Moroni wannabes:
We were just in time for the Bellagio's fountains dancing to Glenn Miller's In The Mood:
The Paris Resort is amazing:
 And look who was playing at the Flamingo! Forever fabulous, baby!
Life is all about knowing your own definition of what's good and bad, don't you think?


  1. And the choices that go along with knowing! How high is your ISO in the night photos?

  2. I usually end up using the Tv setting on my camera for night or low light shots. I almost always have to max out the ISO to 6400 if it's nighttime. Then I play with the shutter speed to get it as low as possible to capture what I'm shooting- higher for movement, like fountains, or lower is the subject is stationary.