Thursday, February 16, 2012

All That Jazz

 Last Friday was Date Nate at the Jazz Game. They were playing the Oklahoma City Thunder. I didn't even know there was such a team.
Our seats were pretty high- higher than the dirigible could fly: (Word of the day: dirigible. Use it in a sentence!)
Lots happening on the floor before the game started:
 Then the Jazz Bear got the crowd going,
And the Jazz had a pre-game huddle, or maybe a prayer.
 Then it was tip-off time!
 One of the girls in our ward is a Jazz Dancer. She's pretty cute, and when some of the guys in the audience wolf-whistled at the dancers, I wanted to smack them! Nasty men!
 Here she is on the jumbo-tron. I couldn't figure out what my camera was seeing with that big screen, all chopped up like that. Shutter speed too fast, maybe?
 During one of the breaks there was a team of amazing gymnasts who used mini-trampolines to make spectacular dunks:
 The half-time show was...interesting. The Indian guy in the middle danced around to Village People songs with two puppets in front of and behind him.
 A bit more basketball. Unfortunately, the Jazz lost, but it was fun a fun date night.
 And they left us with this parting Jumbo-Tron thought:
 Yep. Do it.


  1. Wow, I think I just officially decided never to go to a Jazz game. Weird. I'll just rely on you to share when ever you go, if you don't mind.