Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey! Hey! (You've Obviously Gone Deaf.)

There was a clinic out at the barn last Saturday. I went to take pictures. Shannon and Rocko rode in the first group, at 7:30 in the morning and Rocko kept a pretty close eye on me the whole time, even from across the ring.
He probably couldn't figure out why I wasn't in my usual place which is right in front of his face, doing his bidding. "Scratch my face." "Rub my ears." "You don't happen to have a treat, do you?" "I'm just going to hold your jacket sleeve in my mouth for a while."
It was a little creepy, being stared at like that with that laser-beam intensity.
But don't worry, I made sure he got his fair share of loving and treats, after he and Shannon were done jumping.


  1. He sure did! He is also in extreme need of a hair cut. Look at that mane!

  2. Oh, YOU'VE gone deaf....not me. Took me a minute, lol!