Thursday, October 20, 2011

Team Building Pumpkin Moving

Sunday was the official Gorkin Harvest of 2011. I'll be telling you more about that tomorrow. But today I will show you how, through team-building exercises, we moved Bruce's giant pumpkin.

We had only one giant pumpkin in the patch this year, but it's an impressive specimen. The only problem was- how to get it out of the patch.

First Bruce tried brute force.
 Then he added the combined man-strength available.
 This is the apex of the man-strength:
 It was a no-go. This is where the team building exercises came into play. With some kind on net that Bruce had in the barn, (A net? What, are we deep-sea fishing sometime soon?) and the added super muscles from the girls, the giant pumpkin made it up the rock wall and into place. 
 The pumpkin is so big that Shannon could hide behind it, if she wanted to. And she did.
 I suppose he'll have to carve it where it sits, then try to move it when it's empty. That should be interesting.


  1. Wow that is so big!! Have fun carving that one!

  2. Lovin' this harvest season. Thats one big pumpkin.