Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

This year, Ben and Shannon came to the rescue and hosted our Halloween party at their apartment. I think it had something to so with the under construction state at our house, or as Brian puts it "Hooverville." We had lots of fun activities to do together!

Lindsey started us off with her costume of Coach Sylvester from "Glee". Pretty stylin'!
We carved gorkins:

This year's winner: Brian's Hand of Sauron:
We also decorated Oreo Cakesters. Shannon's creation was a little creepy- Gummie Bears holding a seance:
Bruce got a little bit out of control, I'm afraid.
 We watched Disney's Haunted Mansion:
And we dipped caramel apples:
Even caramel apples can be spooky!


  1. Heaps of fun! Although I have to agree...the gummi bear seance is a little creepy.

  2. LoL what a party! But I don't know if you forgot...Brain carved the White Hand of Saruman not Sauron. (I smell Man-flesh!)

  3. This party looked like fun! I want a carmel apple. Oh, and I've never been or seen B&S's apartment, kinda cool to get a glimpse into their life finally. ;)