Friday, October 7, 2011

M Is For Moon

Driving home the other night, I noticed how eerie the moon was looking. When we got home I grabbed my tripod, camera and big lens to capture the clouds floating in front of the crescent moon.

Prepare to be unimpressed.

First I had to find a good, stable spot for the tripod to stand. In the dark. My first pictures, taken in AV mode, looked like this:

I changing to TV mode. This is what I got with a super high speed and a super high ISO:
Look! I can make time go backwards, because it looks like it's the afternoon again!

After a bit more tweaking, I was getting closer to what I had in mind...and then the moon went behind the trees and my chance was gone. Sigh... Photography is such an inexact science for me. This is the last picture I took that night:
My goal: A perfectly creepy moon shot by Halloween. You are all welcome to give it a try with me.



  1. I had the bright, splatty results when I tried to take a photo of the full moon recently, but I didn't use a tripod. I'd like to try again later this month if we can get a decent spooky look.

  2. I dig the last picture quite a bit. I think I like this challenge, looks like I need to learn how to use my tripod.. *sigh*