Saturday, October 22, 2011

Many Hands...

After the gorkin harvest, Bruce and I took advantage of the extra hands and had the kids help with the continuing destruction of our house. (See: TGHM.) While Bruce went to a meeting at the church, our job was to move the refrigerator out of the kitchen and into the garage. The refrigerator had other ideas.

As soon as Ben unscrewed the water line, which we thought was off, water sprayed everywhere, but mostly onto the wood floor. Grabbing a handy empty garbage can, I caught the water the Ben directed into the can. This solution was not going to last long. So, what else could we do but...have Shannon fling herself over the fridge to help hold the spraying tube, while Ben helped Brian find the main water valve. Lindsey was quick enough to grab my camera, and even though they aren't in focus because I hadn't changed from my outdoor settings, these blurry pictures perfectly portray the chaos of the moment.
Ben was the smart one and screwed the tube back into the fridge, thus stopping the flood until Bruce got home a few minutes later. Bruce knew just where to turn off the water supply. Naturally.

Eventually, the fridge made it out of the house- after we had to take it's doors off. Um, Brian, you just hold that fridge for just a sec while we find a screwdriver.
 After that we took down lights. Many hands make "light" work!   Sorry.
 By the end of the evening, my kids made a run for it. I don't blame them one bit. And TGHM continues...

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  1. ROFL...ok sorry, it's just that you have your DIL so well trained to grab the camera as water's spraying everywhere.