Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Genetic Soup

You all know that I love the gorkin. Ah, you may have forgotten what a gorkin is. They are growing right now in my backyard- a hodgepodge melting pot of genetics that occurs when we throw last years pumpkins, decorative squash and gourds together and let 'em cross-pollinate to their hearts content. Mudbloods, if you will.

Our official gorkin harvest is scheduled for this Sunday, after church.

I will admit to helping the overall genetics of the gorkin patch each year with the addition of healthy, new strains of pure-blood pumpkins. I always buy my pumpkins from the same roadside stand down the street from the barn.
It's a cute little place with some fun photo ops.
But it was these I was really there for:
 Really. Who doesn't love white pumpkins? They are a perfect addition to my backyard genetic soup.

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  1. Bruce had to show us the pumpkin patch yesterday. It's looking good!