Saturday, August 14, 2010

We've been horse showing a lot lately, which has been fun, but exhausting! Horse shows mean 14-hour days in the blistering heat and blowing dirt. They mean highs and lows (literally- on both counts!), and barn friends that can be both your best friends and the people who can just get under your skin. It means dealing with diva riders and temperamental horses. Winning everything one day and not being to get your act together the next. And visa-versa! In the end it's worth every sore muscle, bruise and irritation. Working with a 2000 lb. animal that chooses to love you and cooperate with you and be your slave can be very satisfying. I have a bunch of show pictures to share. We'll start with a few from the grass show today.

Lacy the Glamor Girl:Marja's son lost a tooth and was keeping in this tin:N & N:Couldn't resist taking this one of Kari! He he!!This pic of Lacy's little one was one of my favorites:Bear with me and my show pictures for the next few days!

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