Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pony Girl

Meet C. She rode Sonora at the grass show. C is a very intelligent, if somewhat precocious little girl. Her vocabulary is impressive, but it's nearly impossible to keep her on task. At the barn, C has a 30 minute time limit to get herself and the pony ready for her lesson. If she takes longer than 30 minutes, then she has to take the stirrups off of her saddle and have a lesson without them. But she makes a pretty cute photo subject, all the same.

She had lots of barn helpers:And she and Sonora were great in the ring. C kissed to that pony the whole time. I'll bet her lips were sore!It's tough to stay occupied until it's your turn:My favorite: The Wilting MomentAll in all, I think she had a pretty good show.


  1. That is my Sonora, spent many hours and years kissing, clucking, spurring, lead changing, and sleeping on that plucky, stalwart pony!!