Friday, August 27, 2010

Pit Crew

Sometimes it seems like a waste of time to get our horses all cleaned up for a horse show. After all, most horses love to sleep in their poo. Sophie's favorite pillow was a pile of poo. They don't care if they're dirty. But when your horse is all clean and shiny, then it all seems more worth it. Thank heavens I've never had a white horse! I'd go insane. We even make their hooves look nice before going into the ring, because we think it might make a difference to the judge. We are all pros at hoof painting.

Last second buffing and shining for Joleen and Archie. Notice Archie's look of long-suffering. Kari calls this the "Pit Crew":Rocko was much better behaved at the 2nd Rose Ranch show- no horses playing next to the ring to distract him! I know he doesn't look very happy in this picture, but it's those ear plugs- they make him look like a mule.

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