Sunday, August 15, 2010

Construction Zone Horse Show

We were glad just to make it to the 2nd Grass Show of the year since, if you remember, Rocko tried to kill himself in the trailer on the way to the first one. This 2nd show on the grass had it's own set of challenges. The entire stretch of 11400 So. that runs right alongside the show ring was being torn up. First, the grinder, which was bigger than my house, would grind up the asphalt and spit it from a conveyor belt into dump trucks. Then the front loader, which was bigger than 2 of my houses and had a bucket big enough for 2 suburbans to fit in, would come behind and dump huge blocks of cement into dump trucks. A lot of the horses found it...disconcerting, to say the least. If you were lucky or smart, you would time your ride to coincide with the machinery being at the far end of it's work. Rocko was pretty good about it- he does wear ear plugs anyway, but it was just one more crazy thing to deal with. Mostly, he couldn't figure out why he was having to work when there were acres and acres of perfectly good food to eat, right there in front of him! Then there was the heat- 104 one afternoon when Shannon rode. We almost died from the heat. But it wasn't all bad- Shannon and Rocko were Reserve Champions in the Adult Division, and they were 2nd place in the UHJA Adult Hunt Seat Medal!By the last class of the show, Rocko was so tired that he could barely pick up his head, poor guy!

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