Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kingdom Kong 3D

Universal Studios has a new King Kong addition to their Backlot Tour that we hadn't seen, so on Saturday we drove up to Burbank. Universal was very kind to give us Front-of-the Line Passes. Here's Bruce getting ready for the whole experience at Universal's City Walk:Now, the last time I went on the Backlot Tour was when I was a kid, living on SoCal. Maybe I was 6. I remember big foam boulders rolling towards the tram car and thinking, "Well, this is lame." And some parts of the tour are still that way. But not the King Kong part. It was very cool and completely worth seeing. I felt like this:When Peter was little, he would call that huge gorilla, "Kingdom Kong", which always made me laugh. One other backlot thrill, they filmed parts of The Mummy on the backlot, and as we all know, The Mummy is one of the best movies ever made. :)We also saw the new Simpson's Ride while we were there, which is kind of like Star Tours and the old Back To The Future rides. I didn't see too much of that ride, since I was laughing too hard at Bruce sitting next to me. He made more noise than my mom does on Star Tours! One of the most fun things of the day was finding a family of 4 and giving them our Front-of-the-Line passes. We chose a very nice, if heavily tattooed family, who were pretty blown away and very grateful!


  1. ROFL at Bruce making more noise that Mom. And I had no idea that The Mummy was the best movie ever....

  2. Oh the Mummy. That's a show where even the bad guys are attractive!