Friday, August 6, 2010

Bubble, Bubble...

You'll all be glad to know that the plumbing of the geysers, pools and mud pots at Yellowstone is still in good working order. Bruce and I saw a goodly portion of them on our trip, and we enjoyed the steamy facials and nose-clearing sulfur smells that go along with these wonders.

The ones that were so hot that they sizzled were pretty neat:Bruce's favorite's were the ones that shot into the air:I liked the beautiful blue pools:The mud pots are always entertaining:
We saw almost every color of algae:
Prize for Most Gross Feature- bacteria mats. Floating disks of bacteria, kinda like what you find on a dish of gravy that's been left in the fridge for way too long:But Old Faithful takes the prize for Most Spectacular!


  1. Your trip looked like so much fun! Does it feel like you're flung back into newly-wed world without the kids? I hope so! Not that kids aren't great, but you married your husband for at least one reason right? ;)

  2. Alright, I went back and re-read my comment. I did not mean to make it sound that way. My one reason was that you like spending time with him... oh boy... *blushing*

  3. You got terrific shots of all of these places!