Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tacos Made FOR Horses, Not OF Horses!

The horses at the barn are in for a special treat this year! Horse Tacos! They look just like tacos, but are made from horse-friendly ingredients. I saw them in Arizona at the horse show there, and I stole the idea! I am much better at copying an idea than coming up with something original on my own. :) The "meat filling" is really alfalfa pellets and a grain mix called Equine Senior, all mixed with molasses. Shannon and Peter had fun with the leftover frosting "cheese and Lettuce". Funny story- the extra filling was drying out on the kitchen counter when Bruce got home from work and he thought it was chocolate rice crispie treats. He had a big suprise!!

Louis Armstrong bring us today's Christmas song. He's awesome.


  1. Hopefully the horses enjoy those tacos as much as shannon and peter enjoy the frosting! I think thats a pretty awesome christmas gift to the horses.

  2. LOL! That's funny that Bruce gave them a try...even if it was accidental.