Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Last night we saw A Christmas Carol at the Hale Centre Theatre in Salt Lake. It was excellent! They have a theater-in-the-round, so the action is close up, and we were on the 2nd row. We could reach out and touch Scrooge as he waited in his bed for the Ghost of Christmas Past! Thanks, I&K, for the gift card!

Today's song is one I used to sing with my kids when they were little. This version is from the Muppets, and it doen't get any better than that! It's a GOOD Christmas song:


  1. I was kinda hoping to see some John Denver, he is one of my favorites. That song is fun! and Hale center always puts on a great show, I saw Into the Woods last year and it was excellent. If you ever get to go see a show in Bountiful at their community theatre do it! They have an amazing seamstress!