Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Part 1: Homeless Bums and Cold Bums

It was another memorable Christmas Eve at my house, starting with a trip to Christmas Village. Christmas Village is a display of small-scale houses on the grounds of the City/County Building in Ogden. The houses have lit displays inside to look at, and they are sponsored by local businesses or city employees such as the firemen:Downtown Ogden can have some interesting characters, such as this friendly fellow who joined our group for a while. Brian has a way of attracting folks like our friend here:
Santa wasn't taking any visitors on Christmas Eve- he must have started his present delivering, but we liked his castle anyway:
I always make my kids pose with this display of carolers:We made it through Christmas Village in record time since it was SO COLD! We stopped at a local park on the way home for a few sledding runs:Coming soon- Christmas Eve Part 2: Revenge of the Corn Dogs.

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