Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Cross-Dressing Frog

We try to get the tree up and decorated on Thanksgiving weekend. Peter always has the job of putting the tree together for me. This involves lots of energy and yelling and shoving books under the tree stand to make it straight.Traditionally, I lay out all of the tree ornaments on towels on the dinning room table. Then it's a free-for-all to pick out what ornaments you get to put on.
I have always had a new ornament for my kids each year. The first year Shannon was married, all the horse-themed ornaments left my tree and went to hers! I filled a shoebox with Brian's 25 ornaments to send to him this year. I thought this year's ornament for Peter was really cute when I bought it. He took one look at it and declared that, "it was a girl frog". I pointed out that it was wearing a vest and a bow tie- it was obviously a boy frog. After arguing, he decided that it was a "Cross-Dressing Frog". And that's how it will be known forever more.Today's really great Christmas song- This one just makes me feel happy!


  1. Love the song. I think I'm picking for next year's recital.

  2. Well, it does have eyelashes and red lips. So cross-dressing sums it up nicely.