Friday, December 4, 2009

My Anti-Seuss-ite

Shannon and I went to the Festival of trees yesterday! I hadn't been for years and years, so it was fun to go. There were gingerbread houses- this one looked a bit like my house:
This Santa had a sweet ride:Both Shannon and I agree that all elves are scary:And there were lots and lots of trees! This shark tree was pretty cool- the big white blob in front is a scuba diver.Here's a nod to my family roots with a Canadian tree:There was also a President Hickley's "B"s" tree:
But the funniest thing was Shannon and the Grinch trees. She has never liked Dr. Seuss. I don't know if it's those crazy hairy characters or those nonsense names for imaginary objects, but I'll admit I have to agree with her- Dr. Seuss is creepy. So, of course I had to take her picture with every Grinch tree. :)She liked the Hershey tree a lot better.
Today's Christmas song is a GOOD one! It's actually one of my favorites, and I sing out loud along with it when ever it comes on!


  1. That song plays on our favorite list on our ipods all year long! Awesome. And i've actually made a tree for this festival before, fear not, it had no dr.seuss affiliation at all. Fun times! :)

  2. This song came on Monday morning when I was drivng the seminary carpool. I embarrassed Elise terribly when I turned it up and began to sing along. Interesting fact....since my FIL went to Hawaii on his mission, he also knows all the words and can actually sing quite well.