Sunday, September 20, 2009

When Worlds Collide

My bosses were nice enough to let me set up an outfit down at the studio to take Peter's missionary application picture. Bruce wanted to send this one:It was nice enough, but when you take hundreds of pictures every day, you want your own kid's picture to look as nice as possible! When I go to schools, the kids sit down on a spinning stool to have their picture taken. There is a big light attached to the back of the stool that they always kick if they spin. I am ALWAYS telling kids to, "Please stop spinning, you are going to kick my light", in various ways. Depending on how tired I am, or how many times I've had to say it, it might come out as, "You don't want to spin- Believe me", or, "Oh look. You just kicked my very expensive light.", or, "Did I ask you to spin?". So what does Peter do first thing when he sits down? Spins! I couldn't believe I was telling my own son to stop spinning on my stool. It was so strange to have my family world and my work world overlap! Where's the official picture:

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