Monday, September 14, 2009

So, Just How High Can He Jump?

Our trainer, Kari, says that Rocko is bored with small jumps. After looking at the pictures from last weekend's horse show, I have to agree. Three weeks ago, Rocko jumped 2'9" like he was running over them- because he is literally RUNNING over them, while eyeing the horses next door, wishing he could go play with them:This week he is actually picking up his feet, his knees are together and he actually might be looking at these 3 foot jumps. Holy cow- I think he might have to put some effort into 4 foot jumps!
This show was at Lynnleigh Farm in Sandy. Tucked across the street from the Auto Mall and inbetween several strip malls is this 50 acre oasis. The horses love to come here because they can eat grass all day. It's a bit more work for us, since there are no stalls to put our horses in and they drag us from one delicious patch of grass to the next all day. Rocko was there two days and finally stopped eating to take a 1/2 hour nap at the very end of day #2. Then he started eating again. Shannon was absolutely great- it's nice to be jumping those big jumps again!!


  1. Well good deal....go Shannon and Rocko!

  2. That would be awesome to get him to jump that high! You go guys!