Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peach Queen Pageant

My cute niece, Caroline, participated in the Brigham City Peach Queen Pageant last Thursday, and even though she didn't win, we thought she was great! (She's the blond in the salmon colored dress- in the middle!) KSL's Studio 5's Brooke Walker was the MC, which was fun because she's from Brigham City.

For her talent she sang "Astonishing" from the musical Little Women.
Her dad escorted her during the evening gown competition:

Instead of a swimsuit competition, the girls wore work-out clothes and explained what they do for exercise. Caroline skis!

Caroline's platform was teaching people to sew, so that they could make children's operating gowns for Operation Smile. Good job, Caroline!


  1. I'm truly impressed if she can make her way through "Astonishing" It's a hard one to sing (and to play...)

  2. Caroline did awesome! We wish she had won! Who is that fasinating girl to her left?