Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's Big Adventure

We tried to enjoy the Great Outdoors as much as possible when we were at the cabin. One afternoon we took a "hike" to the river. Once Grandma found an acceptable walking stick, we were off. It got a bit tricky when we had to cross a small stream:
M took the most original approach- walking through the deepest part!We saw one lonely spawning salmon in the river:
Then there was more exciting hiking on the way back:
Grandma even blazed a bit of a trail of her own:We went to church at the branch Fairfield where we saw this sign. Sometimes a roadkill pattymelt is just the thing to hit the spot!
Tomorrow we build a big fire!


  1. It looks like grandma blazed a path straight into some trees.. But a roadkill patty melt seems a bit scarier still.