Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day in the Mountains

We wanted to do something fun for Pioneer Day, and since Shannon had to be to work at 1:00, we decided to take a drive up into the mountains. Willard Peak was our destination. We drove up to Mantua, then joined several dozen 4-wheelers on the very rocky road to the peak. At times the road was pretty rugged and made mostly of boulders (it seemed!), but my 4Runner is a superior vehicle, and we made it up just fine. After about mile 10 we came to a saddle on the mountain where we had a great view of the Ogden Valley and Willard. There were wildflowers everywhere! It was a fun way to spend the morning, and we had just enough time to get Shannon back to work.

Willard Peak:

The view down to Willard Bay and some desolate salt flats:
Those wildflowers I told you about: