Friday, July 10, 2009

Gas Leak At Work!

What would you guess this is:It's a typical household gas line. With a hole in it. Youngest Son works for a landscaping company and yesterday he unfortunately nicked a gas line with a shovel. The fire department, county sheriff, the bomb squad and the newspaper came to investigate. It was an easy fix, and they even let YS keep the nicked line as a souvenir. Now the rest of the story: On Wednesday, another guy in YS's crew hit the gas line with a Bobcat. So actually, this was the 2nd time all of the emergency people had come to the work site. Also, Blue Stakes needs to man-up for the whole situation, because they didn't mark the lines correctly. Which is why the whole thing happened in the first place. (The fire department told YS that they go to 10-15 of these calls every day! Crazy.)

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