Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Nose Job

*WARNING* Don't look at this if you are squeamish!

This last spring, Bruce had a scab on his nose that just wouldn't heal. The Dr. checked it out and found some skin cancer. So last Monday, Bruce had those cancer cells burned out of his nose, which left a divot, which was fixed by a plastic surgeon on Thursday. No skin grafts were needed, (sorry Pete!), but lots of the skin already on Bruce's nose was stretched to cover the wound. All in all, it's been ok, and Bruce has been able to control the pain fairly well. The worst part was Thursday evening when the strong pain meds from the hospital upset his stomach. As we all know, there is NOTHING worse than a husband that doesn't feel good. Let's just say that I wish I got even a portion of that attention when I don't feel good. Anyway, he is on the mend and his nose should look good as new soon.

Here come the gross pictures!

Bruce's nose divot:The bandage he wore for a few days:Post-surgery stitches:We are just glad that all of that is over!!


  1. Oh, crimeny, you're telling me....sick men are the absolute WORST! Glad things are on the mend!

  2. I agree about sick men . . . feel better soon Bruce!