Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Crazy Ones

On Saturday nights at the Arizona horse shows, the crazy riders come out.
They compete in the Grand Prix- a timed jumper event, with a big money prize payout.
They go as fast as they can, and it counts against them if they knock down a rail.
This girl used to ride with us in Utah. Now she travels around the West, competing in these events. She's 14 years old.
It pretty much takes your breath away to watch these horses go around.
This year's winner also won last year's event. He's from Sweden and has a teenage girl rider fan club. It helps that he's handsome and really nice to them and gives them ribbons that he's won at other shows.
But....he's still crazy.


  1. Wow...horse jumper groupies....who knew??

  2. Look at the cute hats the horses wear!!! I about died. So cute.