Monday, April 14, 2014

M's Senior Pics

Lucky me, I got to take senior pictures for this cute girl.
She lives in my ward.
When I taught the music in Primary, she was my "go-to" girl. She always knew the answers to every question. Super smart, this one.
So smart, in fact that she got a mind blowing score on the ACT and has a full-ride scholarship to Utah State. She wants to be a nurse, like her mom.
She's also a long-distance runner. She lettered for her high school team. She even has 4 500 mile pins. That's 2000 miles, folks. I will never do that. 
I get to see her a lot in Young Womens. Crazy thing is, now that I'm in there, she's leaving. And we've connected. And she GETS me. Now she's leaving to go be a grown up. It's gonna be hard on me...

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