Friday, January 10, 2014

Saltaire Shirts 2014

This will be year #4 that I have been in charge of the yearly shirts for the barn. I admit, this year I somewhat copied a design I'd seen on another shirt in Estes Park. I am a copier, with not many original ideas in my head. I think they look great:
I've taken this rack of shirts to the barn with order forms. This rack usually lives in my horse show trailer to hold clothes in the tack stall at the horse shows- as evidence by the packing tape repair on the vertical bar. Horse show things get used and abused.
Every time I do shirts I'm afraid that no one will order them, but they always do. This year we have baseball shirts, t-shirts and hoodies. Here's what the design looks like on the black shirts:
Another year, another shirt order!

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