Friday, December 20, 2013

The Girl From Spain- In The Snow

You might remember the exchange student from Spain who is living with our trainer out at the barn for the school year. After her photo shoot in the leaves, we decided to do a few more shots in the snow. Her hometown in Spain is by the beach and hardly ever gets even a dusting of snow, so this was fun.
 When I showed her with my hand how high the snow might get during a regular Utah winter she was shocked. And I was being kind in my estimation. She might be in for a long winter.
 I've been wanting to try the "snow blow" pictures for a while and I'm glad I did. Cute stuff.
 I bet we knocked off this shoot in about 15 minutes. It was cold!
Such a cute girl...


  1. Those are awesome! Is that real snow for the "snow blow" shot?

  2. you're hired for my next snow shoot! :) Those pics are GORGEOUS! and she picked just the right bold colors to contrast the snow. Lovely!