Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How To Make A Wax Face

How to make a wax mold of your face, according to Peter:

1. Have your mom smash a bunch of black Play-Doh on your face.
2. Use an old hair dryer to try to dry the Play-Doh out. This doesn't work.
3. Put the Play-Doh face mold into a bowl lined with crumpled newspaper and foil. Melt wax on your mom's stove. Get it so hot that it starts to smoke and your mom freaks out. Pour melted wax into face mold. Put it outside on the back porch to harden in the freezing cold.
4. Pop wax mold out of Play-Doh mold. Peel off the Play-Doh that sticks.
5. Now it's ready to wrap for your siblings for Christmas!

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