Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sutter's Mill

It was great to have everyone together in California for Thanksgiving! Bruce rented a big white van so we could ride in comfort with the whole family.
 On Thanksgiving morning we drove out to Sutter's Mill- the place where gold was discovered and the Gold Rush began. It's about 45 minutes from Brian and Lindsey's house. Did you know that members of the Mormon Batallion were there when gold was discovered? Yes, and here's their cabin to prove it:
 Before the 49er's were there, indians lived by the river. they ground their corn on this big rock:
 We hiked up a trail to an overlook of the valley:
 Someone stop me from taking sun flare shots before I hurt someone.
 The view was nice from the overlook. It helped that it was almost 70 degrees that day. How I love California!
 There is a statue at the top of the hill dedicated to James Marshall, who was the man who found the first flake of gold in the river.
 It wouldn't be a family trip without Bruce and his famous picture pose.
 There was a small cemetery next to the original church at Sutter's Mill. I got stuck there for a while.
 But then I noticed the Limbo contest that was happening down the trail. Find a gate, start a Limbo contest. That's our motto.
 Coming up next: we stake our claim at the river.

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  1. How fun!! I love the sun flares and the cemetery...and the limbo contest!