Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Very Bieber Christmas

So, I've been riding this cute little horse at the barn whose name is Snoopy. Back when I was just getting to know him I mentioned to a girl at the barn that he reminded me of Justin Bieber- he was cute, he might have a case of Little Man syndrome, and he was cute. The girl ran to our trainer and said, "Guess who Barbara thinks Snoopy is like!!?" And my trainer, without hesitating, said, "Justin Bieber." Weird.

I was on the right track. Fast forward to now. Every year we have a wreath decorating contest at the barn. This year's theme for Snoopy was a no-brainer:
Sparkly with ribbons and battery powered lights- and Justin Bieber. I think I'm a shoe-in to win this year!
Shannon made a wreath for our missionary friend's horse, Gary. I thought it had that nice missionary touch:
I doubt anyone will take a pass-along card, but you never know! We took this picture and made a special Christmas card to send to Sister Price. She will be excited!

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  1. I think both wreaths are great....loving the Bieber one!