Saturday, December 7, 2013

San Fran Cisco

 There's no city that's like San Francisco!
 And maybe no better view while eating your lunch! Unless you're watching cars battle for parking spots in the view turnouts.
 Our timing might have been a bit off for a visit to the city, it being Black Friday and all. I thought it would be less crowded with all the city workers at home, but I didn't think about those city workers bringing their out-of-town guests in to see the sights. It was crowded.
 We almost had to tear Ben away from the sidewalk vendors who were selling fresh steamed crabs. He would have gladly stood there on the street and eaten his fill.
 We were valiant and waited in line to ride an overcrowded cable car.
We skirted the edge of Chinatown too. This is such an interesting ad on the side of a building. Is that figure a wraith or a piece of ginger?
 This picture makes me laugh. What could Lindsey be talking about, there on the other side of the street? Whatever it is, it's dramatic.
 After the cable car, we hiked up and down Nob Hill, ending up at Lombard Street.
 Then we hoofed it back to the wharf, with it's old buildings, and it's chocolate!
 Dinner was here, at the famous Boudin Sourdough Restaurant. Did you know that they are still using the same "Mother Dough" that's been used since 1849? And Mother Boudin saved the Mother Dough after the great earthquake by scooping it into a bucket and taking it to a safer part of town? Pretty cool. And delicious. Our seats were "observation seats" by the kitchen where we watched the chefs at work. Brian changed his mind 3 times as he saw food coming out.
 As the sun set, the fog came in, making a wave over the bridge. Love it.
We'll be coming back here often, I think.

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