Friday, November 22, 2013

The Legoland Hotel

If you have kids or grandkids of a certain age, (say, 4-12) here's a great vacation idea for you. Legoland. Besides the park with it's displays, rides, waterpark and aquarium, there's a new hotel and it's pretty amazing. And everything is made out of Legos!
We toured the hotel when we were in California a few weeks ago. There is a Lego pit in the lobby to keep the kids occupied while you check in. It keeps grown ups occupied too.
Behind the front desk is an entire wall covered with Lego figures. This is just a small sample:
A Lego dragon looms over the entrance:
And there's even a Lego bellman.
There are Legos everywhere. In the restaurant:
By the pool- hi, Baywatch Lego lady!
And outside:
Look at this cute little stable scene!
Check out these rooms- the parents sleep here:
And the kids sleep here!
Look at the bathrooms!
These are the adventure-themed rooms. They also have pirate rooms and castle rooms. Fun, right?

This hotel was built about 20 years too late for my family, but maybe your is just the right age! I think you should go.

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