Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bruce & Shannon at LAX

Bruce and Shannon were at LAX yesterday morning when the shooting happened. They were there with a group of agents from Getaway Today. Their plane had just landed and they picked up their luggage. While waiting at the curb for their shuttle bus, they got a call from the bus driver saying that the police had stopped all traffic into the airport. Then the police helicopters and cars started showing up and announcements were made over the PA about what had happened. LAX is a huge airport and the shooting had happened several terminals away. Thank goodness they were never in any danger and they were far away from the panic and terror in the other terminal. Shannon said it was never scary, just confusing.

Not wanting to get stuck inside the airport, Bruce pulled up a pilot's map of area on his iPad. It looks something like this:
Zooming in, he was able to see pedestrian walkways that led out of the airport, in the direction of where the buses and taxis had been stopped. So they gathered their luggage and walked at least a mile to where the bus was stopped. And they boarded the bus went on their way. Other passengers followed the Getaway group and left the airport by walking too.

 What I take from this situation:
#1- I am so grateful that my family and friends are ok.
#2- I am grateful for a quick-thinking husband who helped get the group out of the area before the long-term airport lock down started.
#3- Technology can be our friend.
#4- This hit a little too close to home.
#5- Is it just me, or are there a lot more crazy people in the world than there used to be?

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  1. All of the above!! And WTG Bruce for getting that going. Who knew there was an app for that??