Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Saltaire Farm Benefit #1

Every year on the Saturday before Halloween, our barn holds a benefit fundraiser horse show. This year we were raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We have pony rides, a silent auction, food, dog events, a raffle and a horse show. I'm the secretary for the horse show and it puts all of my organizational skills to the test. I also try to take pictures of all the fun, and this year year I kicked it up 5,000 notches and rode Snoopy in the show. The day was a juggling act.

The youngest riders rode at the crack of dawn:
 Then the inexperienced horses had a go. We are so glad our good and slightly insane friend, A, is back from chiropractic school and riding with us again!
We even had our own Vanna White to pass out prizes!
There is always a dog race at the benefit.
This year there also a goat in the race, who promptly ran off.
The doggie high jump is always fun.
And there was the obligatory dog costume contest.
Tomorrow I'll show you what some of the horse costumes looked like this year.

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