Monday, November 25, 2013

The Girl From Spain

I feel like I've bombarded you with barn pictures lately. Sorry, but I have just one more Autumn shoot to show you. This one is just as cute as the others, I think.
This is C and she is an exchange student from Spain. She is living with Kari during the school year and she wanted to make a photo book to send to her parents for Christmas.
She's been with us from August and to be honest, her English was a little sketchy when she arrived. She's learned a lot since then and we had no problems communicating.
 In fact, she was really comfortable and interacted with the horse so naturally. I didn't have to coach her much at all. Where I would usually take 6 or 7 shots, with C I only needed one or two. :)
 Oh, and did I mention she's beautiful?
 We probably started this shoot a little late in the day but with daylight savings, every day is short, right?
 Had to take pictures with the old Ford. Even the dogs wanted to get into the act.
 By the time we were done there was No. Light. Left. What a fun shoot this was! We took a few more pictures during the first snowstorm of the year, but I'll save those for another day.