Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another Shoot At The Barn

Boy, have I been busy lately- and this blog has suffered. Hopefully I can get things organized and post more often. Here's a shoot I did almost 2 weeks ago with a girl at the barn and her horse.
Isn't she pretty? All of the girls at the barn are pretty.
Her horse is huge and they do really well at the shows. I donated this shoot for the silent auction at the Halloween benefit. I would have been mortified if no one had bid on it!
As with most of the girls, I've know this one since she started riding. She's a bit shy naturally and usually turns away from my camera when I'm trying to get those candid shots. I told her before the shoot that she had to be good and smile- and she did.
 I thought this was a pretty shot.
 She requested the obligitory "horse eating while I sit looking cute in front of the barn" shot. They all seem to want that one.
 And we seem to end up in front of the classic Ford. I love the old Ford.
 Now this is the smile I love!
 Is there such a thing as too much sun flare?
 It was a fun shoot- and I have another at the barn today!

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  1. These are so have such a great eye! Love the sun flare, well, they're just all awesome!