Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Girl's Weekend!

 After making my through the cow herd, I drove into the mountains to the cabin.

The cabin belongs to this sister.
She always brings a selection of cards that we put together. As always, her cards are amazing!
When we get together we like to make crafts, eat good food, go for walks to the river, take pictures, watch movie and talk, talk talk. Here's my mom, working on decoupaged foam pumpkins.
 Here's my other sister. She brought pillows for us to make and stuff.
 So very cute!

And it wouldn't be the same if Ollie didn't come. He's a perfect dog. He's better than any dog I have ever known.
 All he wants is to please and to be loved. There was plenty of that!
Should we get bored, which we never did, we could have browsed back issues of Huntin' Fool, while taxidermy looked on.
Tomorrow, we'll venture outside!


  1. ROFL!!! I love your shots of the dead things, oh, and Ollie, too!

  2. and I'd love to see a photo of a completed decoupaged pumpkin!