Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Camera Issues

I've been having camera issues lately. It started when I was at the horse show in Estes Park. In the middle of shooting, my Canon would freeze up and show an "Error 30." I could get it working again, but the problem happened more frequently, causing me to have severe anxiety. I finally Googled what Error 30 was, and it turns out that my shutter was sticking.  Ahggh! A sticky shutter!

Thank heavens for the Internet! Through some message boards I figured out a way to clean the shutter sensors in the camera manually. I also tried shooting 100 or more high speed shoots to loosen up that shutter. It was like shooting a machine gun! (I ignored the advice to give my camera a firm whack. What?)

When I got home, my first errand was to take my camera in to my camera place. They said I'd have to send it in to Canon for a fix. A 4+ week fix. I can't be without a camera for 4 weeks- unthinkable! So, I sent in my older Olympus to be fixed first. Then I'd have a back-up while the newer camera was fixed.

My Olympus camera's problem was not too serious- it just needed a small adjustment. It was gone for 5 weeks and now it's as good as new!
Of course, my Canon has been working with no problems lately, and we're coming up on a busy picture taking time of year. I think I'll wait until January to send it in. After all, I have a back-up camera now. (Gulp!)

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