Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sun Valley Weekend

Lucky us, to spend Conference weekend at our friend's house in Sun Valley! What a beautiful place- pretty much heaven. We explored the countryside, ate yummy food, biked, played games, put together puzzles, watched movies and listened to Conference.

One morning I took a walk down the street to see what I could find to take pictures of.

Almost every house had a woodpile, stacked all neat and tidy, ready for the cold weather.
We were probably a week or 2 too early for the Aspen leaves to be golden. There were a few leaves that had changed in town, but most were still green.
 There were berries on the bushes:
 But most of the plants were in their last stages of summer. Even plants that are shutting down for the year can be pretty.
 I managed to catch this rare picture of Bruce sitting down. This lasted all of 2 minutes and then he was off doing something else.

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  1. A picture of Bruce sitting down is definitely a rare shot! Love the rambling around pictures!