Friday, October 18, 2013


When we go to the cabin, we like to take our cameras and walk down to the river. Nature is good for the soul.
We usually start with a stroll south to a stream that branches off the bigger river.
 Ollie loves these walks. When he's outside, he always has a stick in his mouth.
 To the north, we found a swampy spot where some beaver had built a dam.
 There were lots of different plant details to see.
 Even creepy mushrooms!
 My mom took a break to scavenge some abandoned camping equipment:
 She's now the proud owner of a slightly used trident!
 We made it to the big river- it's actually the South Fork of the Boise River.
 Ollie jumped right in for a drink.
 My sister helped mom and her trident back across the log bridge.


  1. ROFL at the trident! What a great photos of Ollie with the stick. I may need that one.

  2. lol, love the trident! What IS she going to do with that? and some of your nature shots are awesome... what is that reddish bark? love the seed shot at the end too.