Monday, October 28, 2013

And Off They Go...

Big and painful and good changes at our house last week. Brian was offered at job with Hewlett Packard in Roseville, California. Yeay! He will be in the Golbal Regulatory Compliance division...whatever that means. :) He starts today!

Last week they packed up all of their worldly possessions in the truck and trailer. Lindsey's parents filled the back of their truck too and all of us drove to Roseville. It's a 10 hour drive- we'll be making it often! Roseville is 2 hours from Lake Tahoe, 2 hours to San Fransico and even closer to the redwoods. (And 6 hours to Disneyland!)

To get there, we drove over the Sierra Nevadas, stopping to see the Donner Pass memorial.
Here's Brian and Lindsey's new apartment. It is literally across the fence from the HP complex. With a good pair of wire cutters, Brian could make a passage way to work through the fence!
 We unpacked and put together their new IKEA cough/bed. How convenient for parental visits! As you can see, Brian is in fine picture form- eyes averted, fake smile. That's my boy.
My house is soooo quiet now. Uncomfortably so. And Gus...well, he's not taking it very well at all. He left a dead mouse on the downstairs bed the other day.

Change is hard, even good change. I'm really proud of Brian and I know they will be fine, but they are just So. Far. Away.


  1. I totally hear what you're saying here....

  2. That couch looks pretty comfortable! Tough stuff, I know ~